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The Arcade is open seven days a week... however the opening hours of The Studio are as follows... FRIDAYS...11 til 5.30 : SATURDAYS... 11 til 5.30: SUNDAYS... 12 til 5 : And MONDAYS... 11 til 5.30. Private appointments during lockdown were very successful and that option will continue... if our opening times are unsuitable or you need stock info, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

pewter2   M5534b   M6088

A selection of beaten pewter boxes.


M5534 Beaten copper tray by Hugh Wallis (monogrammed). 15 x 7".


M6088 Glasgow style brass sconce with long strap, candle holders

M5464   M5791   M4358   M6106

M5464 Polished, pewter ink well with original well, designed for Libertys by Archibald Knox.


M5791 Beaten copper jardiniere by James Souter.


M4358 Cast brass decorative panel. With Lily of the Valley on an oak panel. 


M6106 Pair of moulded brass vases by Beldray

M6040   M6064   M6085

M6040 Large beaten copper rectangular mirror


M6064 Single beaten polished pewter candlestick


M6085 Wrought iron framed fire screen with decorative, beaten copper panel

M5909   M6115   M6111

M5909 Polished beaten pewter tray by Hugo Levin for Orivit with the poppy motif


M6115 Glasgow style beaten copper free standing photo frame or mirror.


M6111 Set of 4 beaten copper finger plates