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The Arcade is open seven days a week... however the opening hours of The Studio are as follows... FRIDAYS...11 til 5.30 : SATURDAYS... 11 til 5.30: SUNDAYS... 12 til 5 : And MONDAYS... 11 til 5.30. Private appointments during lockdown were very successful and that option will continue... if our opening times are unsuitable or you need stock info, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

C3255   C3261   C2329

C3255 Vintage cocktail glasses with blue , green stems...four


C3261 Vintage hollow stem ,.... 4 chunky


C 2329 Glass bowl with dimples by Webb

C3244   C3244b   C5

C 3244 etc..... Various sets of  unused vintage  Babycham glasses... great Christmas prezzies !  



C2003   G1   G2

C 2003 Set of 5 victorian glass ice plates


A selection of victorian whisky glasses


Showing a pair of victorian ale glasses and a pair of very large victorian Rummers

C3378   C3377

C3378 Set of 4, round bodied, hollowstem champagne coups


C3377 Set of 4, tall, vintage hollow stem champagne coups