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The Arcade is open seven days a week... however the opening hours of The Studio are as follows... FRIDAYS...11 til 5.30 : SATURDAYS... 11 til 5.30: SUNDAYS... 12 til 5 : And MONDAYS... 11 til 5.30. Private appointments during lockdown were very successful and that option will continue... if our opening times are unsuitable or you need stock info, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

C3585   C3572   C3464

C3585 Large pale green crystaline glaze vase by Pilkingtons


C3572 Tall plain green glazed vase by Pilkingtons


C3464 Pottery jewelcraft vase by Bretby studio pottery


C3531 Small crystaline vase by Royal Lancastrian vase,,,fully monogrammed E Radford